If we want to be fierce and capable bossladies, let’s all agree on some disempowering (and frankly, pretty lame) things we are not going to say:
Money? Yeah, I will sort that out one day, when I’m older. Sure, you may be spending your twenties or early thirties having fun, travelling, experiencing life, or drinking $20 cocktails like a total baller, then eating tuna and rice for the last week before payday. We all love doing those things (my flattie and I even have a dish called Tuna Special). But the thing is, the sooner you start, the less painful it is.

Money? Yeah, I find all that stuff boring and hard. Well, I find most life admin boring and hard, but you know what, I do it anyway because I am an adult and I like the outcomes – such as, having a registered car or a valid insurance policy. So you have a couple of choices: 1) make it more fun or 2) suck it up and do it anyway. Actually, there is a third option: combine 1 and 2. Stop by here, and you’ll see that once you get started, it’s not as hard as you thought. 

Money? Yeah, I’ll never be rich so there’s not much point. Depends what you mean by rich. You’re unlikely to be confounded by the decision about whether to take out the Ferrari or the Lamborghini. But you may one day own an investment property. You may help your kids buy their own house. You may fly to Austria and do the Sound of Music Tour to fulfill your life dream (oh, maybe that’s just me). Rich means different things to everyone, but at its core, wealth gives you opportunities and choices.

Money? Yeah, I should get going on that, but I never know where to start. Then let Fraulein Maria tell you where to start! At the very beginning. And the beginning is: wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing know, whatever you have now, you can take a small step that improves your finances. Do something small and achievable, one step at a time.

Money? Oh yeah, I just spend it – I let my partner do all the other stuff. NO!!! I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but there’s very high chance that this partner will not be around forever. He (or she) might cheat on you and you kick him out. He might cheat on you and run off with someone. He might just get old and bitter and you don’t want to be married to him anymore. He might die. He might develop a gambling habit and drop your savings into the pokies. He might get cancer.

Think I am being a Negative Nancy? Think those things won’t happen to you? OK, now, every single thing I name above – think if you know someone it happened to. Maybe not your besties, but maybe someone in your family? Friends of friends? Your own parents? This stuff happens ALL THE TIME.

The good news is, you are here, and refusing to say any of the above things. Now, check out some resources to get you started on owning your amazing bosslady power.