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August 2016

Mindful spending: what it is and why it matters

Do you spend too much money? If you said yes, the good news is, you're not alone. The bad news is, it's not a simple fix. In fact, I've had a few goes at writing this post, because I don't... Continue Reading →

Buying shares is pretty much like choosing a husband

For realz. But I'll get to that. First up though, why are we talking about shares? Because they can be a solid way to build wealth. And they can be another option if you are priced out of the property market.... Continue Reading →

Fierce Girl Action Plan: Part II – Super fun!

Things I like talking about: hair and make-up; weightlifting; The Bachelor; superannuation. Weird huh? I know it sends most people to sleep - but please, stay with me! Let's do a deal. I will jazz it up and break it... Continue Reading →

Just do one thing: A Fierce Girl Action Plan – Part I

Money is tricky. Debt is distressing. Saving is hard. And so the easiest thing to do is not think about those things. Sort them out another day. Leave them to your responsible future self. Unfortunately that future self has all... Continue Reading →

Interest rate cuts vs Hiddleswift: which one matters more?

Every month, the financial markets whip themselves into a frenzy about the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision on interest rates. And you’re over here like ‘how long is that Hiddleswift thing going to last?’. So, should you care about... Continue Reading →

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