A wise man once said “Get rich or die tryin’”. Ah yes, Fifty Cent. You fill us with ambition.

But how do you get rich? And what is ‘rich’ anyway?

I’m not talking about the richness of family, friends and emotional connections.

I’m talking cold, hard cash that makes you feel like you’re in a rap video wearing giant diamond necklaces*.  

However, most of us aren’t going to get rich by a) marrying a millionaire b) inheriting a fortune or c) inventing Post-it Notes**.

And so, I’m introducing your #squad. Actually, your #richsquad. Probably not as hot as Taytay’s girlsquad, because we don’t have Gigi Hadid.

But these girls will have your back – as long as you get to know them, respect the hell out of them and don’t sleep with their boyfriends.

Introducing: Earning, Spending, Saving & Investing

Earning is pretty hot but doesn’t always get noticed. Girls are socialised not to pay attention to her. We take lower-paid jobs in lower-paid sectors. We take time out to raise families. We ‘follow our passions’ and other bullshit.

We are told that Earning is more of a guy’s kind of girl.

But you need to take this chick seriously.

Always be maximising your earnings, and don’t apologise for it.  Don’t ignore the power of boosting your paypacket – whether by making the right career moves, asking for payrises or having a side hustle.

And pay attention to Earning when you have to make life decisions. Firstly, she’s hard to win back if you leave her alone too long – if you step down, cut your income or take time out of the workforce, it can be really hard to catch up.

I’m not saying you should let her control your whole life. I made a decision to work a 9-day fortnight, which cuts my income by 10%. Is it worth it? While I’m studying, yes. Am I conscious of the hit I’m taking? Yes, and I review it often.  

Spending is everyone’s favourite fun friend. She loves ordering shots and telling you to live a little.

But this friend is a little cray-cray; she needs to be handled with care. DO NOT let Spending take over your life or your credit card. She makes you feel good when you are out partying, but she leaves you with a hangover.

The key to a healthy relationship with Spending is to give her respect and pay attention to her. Define the boundaries of your relationship. Embrace mindful spending (read more here). Be clear on what you will and won’t do with this friend.

Because if you let Spending take over your life, you will never be rich. You will feel rich at the time you’re hanging out together. But over time, she can be a bad influence who holds you back from achieving your goals.

So if that bitch tells you that you need to drop hundreds of dollars eyelash extensions, shut her down and go hang out with your other, more sensible friend…

Saving. Your quiet but powerful friend. She isn’t as glamorous or as fun as Spending, but she really does have your back. She will help you reach your goals, be there for life’s unexpected dramas and generally be an awesome wingman.

She loves inviting your over to drink reasonably-priced wine, rather than go out to fancy bars. She makes you bring your own lunch to work, only ever buys stuff on sale and tells you to follow a budget.

But Saving is a true friend, and the more you get to know her, the more you’ll see her value. You see, she gives you choices and opportunities, and makes you feel far more in control of your life. Aaaand, she will introduce you to her smart and sassy friend…

Investing. This chick seems scary at first, because she’s so clever and uses a lot of big words. But don’t be put off – if you listen for a while, she makes sense.

And Investing is actually the one who makes you rich – or richer. She gives you money all the time. Like, for free! Just to say thanks for being friends.

Investing takes your money, multiplies it, and gives it back to you. That’s not something Spending can do. And while Saving does it a bit, she’s pretty tight – she buys you a coffee, whereas your glamorous friend Investing buys you an espresso martini.

So please don’t turn your back on this lady when she tries to befriend you. She can be hard to get to know. Ok, so she seems like a total know-it-all bitch at first.

But once you get past all the bullshit jargon, Investing is your true friend, and she’ll help you become more than you ever could on your own.

So that’s it. Your #richsquad. And you know what your #squadgoals are, right? Independence, freedom and choices. (Not flashy clothes and fancy cars. Well, maybe a few).

The thing is though, just like the Sex and the City girls, or the girls from Girls, or the Gilmore Girls, or the Spice Girls, or any other famous girl group, they function at their best when they are all together.

Cut Investing out, and you will just chug along,never really getting ahead. Give Spending too much booze and she will wreak havoc. Ignore Earning for too long, and she’ll start drifting from you. Drop Saving, and you’ll feel out of control of your life.

So, make friends with ALL of these lovely ladies, and you’ll be a Fierce Girl for life.

*(I’m thinking of the line from Ludacris’ Stand Up, where he says “Watch out for the medallions/My diamonds are reckless/Feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace”)

** That’s a Romy & Michelle reference, duh.