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December 2017

3 Money Questions for 2018 (no resolutions required)

New year’s resolutions are made to be broken. I know that sounds a little Negative Nancy, but hey, I’m not here to piss in your pocket and tell you it’s raining. Something about a new year fills us with good... Continue Reading →

Want to be wealthy? Put that calculator down! (It’s not about numbers)

I had a conversation with myself on the way home today. It was a bit of a Smeagol - Gollum moment (for the Tolkien fans out there). Gollum: You should get a Shellac mani-pedi for the Christmas party and holidays.... Continue Reading →

Four things I learnt in my 38th year on Earth

It's my birthday, but YOU get the presents! Ok that was super cheesy but I just wanted to say it. The good thing about a December birthday is that you get to do a 'reflections on the year' post and... Continue Reading →

Should I care about the Banking Royal Commission?

A lot happened last week. Taylor Swift announced her Australian tour dates. Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle. And in a spectacular show of being skewered by his own political allies, Prime Minister Turnbull announced the Royal Commission... Continue Reading →

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