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September 2018

The property market right now: headed for a full-blown Britney meltdown?

If the residential property market was a person, it would be an Instagram influencer selling you slimming tea right now. Any article about house prices is clickbait gold for publishers. If you have a property, you want to know what... Continue Reading →

Three tips to impress your friends while secretly saving money

Since unveiling my new kitchen I’ve been on quite the entertaining streak. I’m not afraid of a mid-week dinner party, because a) it’s cheaper than going out and b) I can control my protein/fat/carb intake. So, I’ve had some requests... Continue Reading →

Three truths about money to make you feel better

We could always be doing better than we are today. I could be a little leaner, could lift heavier weights, could be more flexible. But hey, I'm trying. I'm lifting four days a week, tracking my food, making it to... Continue Reading →

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