I know. In the midst of a property boom, it’s hard to think that you could ever afford your own place. But hang in there.

There are still ways to get onto the property ladder. Even if it takes 10 years to save a deposit, that’s still a small chunk of the time you have to be adulting and living somewhere.

And it’s not always a matter of shoving away a cool $100K. There are ways to buy a property with a smaller deposit. There are options for your folks to provide a guarantee that doesn’t put their own house at risk. There can be upsides to buying a more affordable property that you don’t actually live in.

So, I’m running a webinar this week to talk through some of these issues and answer some questions. It’s a small, chatty and approachable format. Even if you don’t use the information for a while yet, it could give you something to aim for.

It’s on Wed 14 July at 7.30pm AEST. Click here to register. Hope to see you there!