Hey Fierce Girls, I hope you’re living your best lives, whether in lockdown or not. Ok, maybe best life is a stretch if you’re in lockdown. Barely hanging in there is totally fine too!

While I haven’t been as productive as could be, I did one cool thing this week. The lovely Ilona Marchetta invited me to collaborate on a story about two things close to my heart: money and sustainability. She penned a cracker of an article for The Carousel, which you can read by clicking here.

I love Ilona’s writing, like this snippet from the article:

“While budgeting tends to bring up feelings of going without, missing out, and general unfulfilled wanting, a Mindful Money Manifesto is about spending with direction, intention and purpose. It shifts the focus from not spending to spending where it matters most to you. It gives you power.”

So head on over and give it a read!