Corporate events are BACK baby, and I couldn’t be happier. I’d like to think one of my skills in life is balancing a glass of bubbles and a canape in one hand, while conversing with interesting people about important things. Either that, or just gossiping about the industry.

Which leads me to an event I attended recently, hosted by MA Financial. They are building a network of young women in financial services, so of course, I wrangled myself an invitation to attend and pretend to be young. Also, I knew that one of the panellists was my soul sister Trenna Probert, so the conversation would be sparkling and the truth-bombs plentiful. That’s her in the red dress, in the pic above.

As a fintech founder, Macquarie Bank alumna and general finance guru, Trenna is worth listening to. She runs Super Fierce, which is all about helping women take control of their financial future, so obviously she has a lot in common with me.

And rather than me trying to summarise the best parts of the conversation, Trenna herself has helpfully written a recap of some of her career advice. So listen up! This is what Trenna would love young women in their careers to understand & embrace:

πŸ’­ There is no one right path. My circuitous route comprised highs & lows, but led me uniquely to a place where I feel best placed to add meaningful value

πŸ’­Be conscious & strategic. But don’t hang your hat on perfection. It’s amorphous & not all it’s cracked up to be. The greatest innovations, discovery & learning involve getting messy on the way

πŸ’­Learn to influence without authority, on your journey toward earning authority. And once you have it, don’t stop listening, learning & evolving your experience & expertise

πŸ’­ There is no shame in pleasure. Choose joy, especially in your work as you spend so much of your life there. And work out what work/life balance means to YOU. We are all unique so think, consider, try & adapt until you get it right. It takes time, so be persistent, but patient

πŸ’­ Be deliberate. Choose the role work plays in your life, not the other way around (same-same, but different)

πŸ’­ Life is long. Experiment early. Build a bank of experiences & skills. Don’t be afraid to aim high & fail. Expect change & the unexpected (that’s just life). Have a backup plan & embrace setbacks as inflection & leverage points in your journey

πŸ’­ The financial ecosystem is evolving. Build skills, be curious, make connections outside your immediate work circle, dream big, & stay ahead of the curve

πŸ’­ Don’t be afraid to disagree. The only dumb questions are the ones you’re afraid to ask. Believe this … you actually know things your boss does not. A good boss wants to learn from you too

πŸ’­ Walk the walk. Don’t just work in finance. Make sure finance works for you. Personally & in your career. And remember, you can make a difference today simply by spreading the love & sharing knowledge with your community

πŸ™Œ Let’s work together, on the inside, to close the $30 trillion gender wealth gap & have a bloody good time along the way. I promise you, it IS possible to do well πŸ€‘ & do good πŸ˜‡

Soul sisters!