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How much is enough? And other deep questions raised by Netflix

It seems like everyone is talking about Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying-up queen. Her book even spawned a new verb: to KonMari. Marie Kondo is now on Netflix, where she helps people who have become smothered by their own ‘stuff’,... Continue Reading →

What if you’re actually smarter with money than you think?

Do you ever read about finance and feel dumb? Me too. I know, I know. "If Chief Fierce Girl feels challenged by the murky world of money, what hope do I have?". But stay with me. It's all about gatekeeping:... Continue Reading →

Don’t get mad, get busy*

*Actually, get mad too. It's fun. Fierce Girls, I wrote a different post for you last week. But before I had time to post it, the election happened. It didn't go the way I'd hoped. I got together with a... Continue Reading →

‘Don’t ask, don’t get’ – and other life pro tips for IWD2019

In my view, every day should be International Women’s Day. We have thousands of years of patriarchal oppression to make up for right? But since it’s only once a year, I’m writing in honour of it. Normally I just talk... Continue Reading →

How to hack your goals and nail everything in 2019

In 2018, I leaned out and toned up, losing about 5kg ahead of my 40th birthday. People asked me how I did it, and I'd detect a hopeful tone. What wonderful secret had I found? Sadly, there are none. I... Continue Reading →

I turned 40 and here’s what I’ve learnt about money

To be honest, I was freaking out about turning 40 at first. Thought I'd run away for my birthday and hide in shame. Then I remembered who I am. Bad-arse bitch who loves attention! I have a great job, my... Continue Reading →

Three truths about money to make you feel better

We could always be doing better than we are today. I could be a little leaner, could lift heavier weights, could be more flexible. But hey, I'm trying. I'm lifting four days a week, tracking my food, making it to... Continue Reading →

Shopping is not self-care (and other hard truths)

I have a friend who loves to buy designer handbags like I love to buy Kmart homewares. Unfortunately for her, a Gucci bag starts at about $2000, whereas I got an awesome bowl (that looks like it's made of glass... Continue Reading →

What’s your legacy – and how will money shape it?

One of the things we all struggle with is finding the right motivation to do things better. Making good decisions with your money is hard. There are so many fun things to spend it on. The Wittner sale! A Shellac... Continue Reading →

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