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Daddy Lessons: 3 tips from a Fierce Girl father

While support for this blog from the sisterhood has been fantastic, I've also been delighted by the number of men who have got behind it.  My dad is one of these honorary Fierce Guys, and because I am studying for... Continue Reading →

Fierce Girl Finance is totally legit. Here’s the proof.

I was invited onto a podcast called Swings & Roundabouts, which is an investment-themed show created by BRR Media. These guys do a bunch of stuff for the finance industry, and have been around forever, so they are a totally legit crew.... Continue Reading →

Fierce Girl Action Plan Pt III – How to avoid drowning in debt

First up, a confession. I only used that headline so I could use that picture. But Beyonce is full of good advice, which we shall get to later. Truth is, many of us stumble through life with a trail of debt.... Continue Reading →

Just do one thing: A Fierce Girl Action Plan – Part I

Money is tricky. Debt is distressing. Saving is hard. And so the easiest thing to do is not think about those things. Sort them out another day. Leave them to your responsible future self. Unfortunately that future self has all... Continue Reading →

The doctor is in: how to get better at (not) spending

Don't lie to me. I know you spend money on shit. You had to get your nails done because you had a bad day, and why should your nails suffer too? You needed a new white top, to go with... Continue Reading →

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