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The single biggest risk to your money is probably not what you think

There is one thing that can change your financial path forever, and it's not betting on the share market. It's not entering the Gucci store. It's not even buying a house. It's walking down the aisle. When you get hitched... Continue Reading →

Four things I learnt in my 38th year on Earth

It's my birthday, but YOU get the presents! Ok that was super cheesy but I just wanted to say it. The good thing about a December birthday is that you get to do a 'reflections on the year' post and... Continue Reading →

What marriage – and divorce – taught me about money

My house was sold on Saturday. It sounds exciting but is in fact painful. It's one of the last steps on the road to settling my divorce. Regardless of the price my property commanded, selling it was one more loss in... Continue Reading →

What I know for sure about money, and life, and leaving

Oprah's magazine has a column called 'What I know for sure', where people talk about their life truths. (Now don't even start hating on Oprah, because she is my total soul-sister). And the fact is, we all have our truths.... Continue Reading →

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