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Some realtalk about buying property – and how to get it done

I’ve changed my mind about something. Something important. I’ve said on this blog before that if you don’t buy your own home to live in, it’s not the end of the world. As long as you choose some other way... Continue Reading →

Don’t panic! Well, actually, panic a little.

I've been at the coalface recently. Not literally digging up coal and stuff, but hearing the stories of everyday Australians and their money challenges. I now work for a large financial planning and mortgage business, so I see lots of... Continue Reading →

Can I afford my own home? Part II

We discussed the pros, cons and Beyonce lyrics relevant to home ownership in Part I. So, you want to go ahead and buy your own little patch of paradise? (If by paradise you mean a modestly priced abode in an affordable... Continue Reading →

Can I afford my own home? Part I

We all have goals. Beach body by December (any year will do). A pair of red-soled Louboutins (paid for by someone else). Squat twice my own bodyweight. (Oh, is that just me?). And many of us want to buy property, and wonder... Continue Reading →

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