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I got totally rejected by a guy the other week. Baffling, I know. So, we met online, organised to meet for a drink and he walked in and looked pretty cute. He's gainfully employed, seems to have his life together... Continue Reading →

Three truths about money to make you feel better

We could always be doing better than we are today. I could be a little leaner, could lift heavier weights, could be more flexible. But hey, I'm trying. I'm lifting four days a week, tracking my food, making it to... Continue Reading →

Four things rich people do … that you can too

There’s a section in my favourite gossip mag, ‘Celebs – they’re just like us’, where photos like Reese Witherspoon hauling groceries to her car make us feel good - as though there’s not much separating our humble lives from theirs.... Continue Reading →

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