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Do you ever do that in your work emails? Start the subject line with PLEASE READ?

Nah, me either. Would never be that desperate. Of course. Who would even?

Anyway, can I please take a few minutes of your time to tell you some cool things that have happened since that time I quit my job.

The First Ever Fierce Girl Finance Event!

If you’re in Sydney, (pretty) please come along to this super affordable event on 5 March to hear about how to get started with investing. It will be informal, feature women who I think are amazing but super relatable, and there will be WINE. All for $22!

All the details and tickets are here: Make Your Pay Slay All Day: get started with investing

Ok this is me hosting another event, but you get the idea.
A Low-key Media Blitz

The hardest thing about writing for Mamamia is that every time I go to the website, I get sucked into things like Married at First Sight recaps (which are hilarious).

However, I did write a useful piece you might enjoy:

From ‘what is a share’ to how to invest: 7 questions you’re afraid to ask a financial advisor, answered. Click here to read it.

I also went on a bit of a rant over at Yahoo Finance, explaining: Three money mistakes women make all the time. (Hot tip, it’s not buying too many lattes). Click here to read it. 

A brand new Instagram page

Yep, from shameless food prep photos to ‘save-and-share’ memes, the new Insta page is where it’s at, ladies!

Just head on over to and behold my amazing design skills! (If by amazing you mean barely adequate).

Video Content on IGTV

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (well, distract myself), I scripted, filmed, edited and posted a video on IGTV and Facebook. Honestly, I impressed the hell out of myself and am legit baffled about how I could possibly still be single.

Anyway, here it is. (I promise I’ll get better with practise).

New brand and website

But wait, there’s more! I know right, I’m on fire.

You can see the new brand colours and logo on my Insta page.

In the background, I’m beavering away on a new website, which is going to be gorgeous and actually done by professionals (not me and a Canva template). So, stay tuned for that.

I need your help … please

Fierce Girl Finance is finding its feet again. After a couple of years of enforced anonymity, I am finally able to build it into the platform I want it to be.

So, how can you help?

  • Subscribe to the blog (see that button up top?)
  • Follow me on Instagram: @fiercegirlfinance
  • Share the content. This is the best way to support the brand, but also to help other ladies level up their lives!

That’s all for now. Take care and stay fierce babes!

It’s Fierce Girl Finance’s birthday and I have some treasure to share

OMG you guys, can you believe I’ve been working on this thing for four years now?

On one hand that makes me feel like a loser, because I’m still not a household name.

Then on the other hand I remember how I took an awesome job, but had to pay the price of becoming anonymous on this site. It’s made it super hard to build a profile. Being, like, invisible and all.

Anyway, things are changing on that front – more to come in the next month or two. In the meantime I stumbled across this amazing video that started it all!

Big props to Mindy Gold who was my co-founder, before she up and moved to live the London dream.

Initially, Fierce Girl Finance was conceived as a video series. But then a) my co-host buggered off to ol’ Blighty and b) I remembered I am actually a writer.

Next year there will be more video content though, because really, not everyone wants an essay on asset allocation.

If you are still reading, I just wanted to share a few lessons I’ve learned in the past four years.

  1. Women want a positive space to talk about money. We want it to be friendly and and relatable. We don’t want to be lectured to or scolded for ‘wasting’ money. We want an empowering or inspiring conversation. (Hopefully that’s what y’all came here for!)
  2. There are many elements to ‘money’. It’s not just about investing knowledge, or getting your mindset right, or being a tight-arse, or taking positive action – it’s all of those things. That’s why I’ve built the content around these pillars. In the next website iteration it will be easier to find stuff this way.
  3. Success flows where attention goes. The Belinda you see in the video here is barely keeping it together. She was recently separated but still paying half a mortgage on a house she didn’t live in (plus inner-city rent). She had a long and grinding divorce fight ahead. She was going to lose a huge chunk of super in that process. But today’s Belinda has practiced a lot of what she preaches. She has no debt outside of a mortgage, she has savings that allow her to make some hard but exciting career choices. And she is much better friends with money now than she was then. The key has just been focus, focus, focus. That, and finally doing her tax returns.

So, as you can tell from all my lame cryptic comments, there are some changes afoot here at Fierce Girl HQ (like, my apartment, not an actual office).

I’m super pumped for it and can’t wait to share it. In the meantime, please wish the blog Happy Birthday, and enjoy the Bindi and Mindy show.

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