1. The buck stops with you. Let’s start with this puntastic principle. The fact is, there is only one person who can make you get your shit together with money – and that’s you. So why not be as awesome at it as you can be?
  2. Finance is not boring.  Old white guys in suits saying ‘portfolio construction’ is boring. But understanding how you can turn 100 bucks into 120 bucks with little effort – that is FUN! Creating wealth is FUN. Buying yourself a trip to Paris is FUN. So don’t switch off yet.
  3. Money is not just about spending. Earning, saving, spending and investing are all equal partners in the Monopoly game of life. If you take one out of that awesome foursome, it’s kind of like Sex and the City without Samantha.
  4. You’ve got this. Don’t write off finance as something that only rich/old/male/sensible people think about, and you’re just too busy/uninterested/stupid/disorganised to do it. Any woman who can instantly calculate whether she has the right shoes/top/bra/g-string to go with a skirt she’s trying on in a poorly lit cubicle – that woman can get her shit together with money.