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September 2016

Our right – and our obligation – to be a Fierce Girl

Did you know that in Saudi Arabia, a woman can't travel, get out of jail or drive a car without a male chaperone? I know this because a Fierce Girl in that country is currently running a petition to change the law,... Continue Reading →

Insider’s Guide to Finance Part II: Financial Advisers

Financial advisers have had a bad run in recent years. But writing off all financial advice because of a few bad ones is like swearing off dating just because you watched The Bachelor choose Alex over Nikki (I know right!). Certainly there... Continue Reading →

An insider’s guide to finance: Managed Funds

Ever wonder what goes on in those shiny city skyscrapers, where billions of dollars change hands each day? Nah, me either. But that's because I have seen it first-hand. Don't believe what you saw in The Wolf of Wall St. Most of... Continue Reading →

What I know for sure about money, and life, and leaving

Oprah's magazine has a column called 'What I know for sure', where people talk about their life truths. (Now don't even start hating on Oprah, because she is my total soul-sister). And the fact is, we all have our truths.... Continue Reading →

Fierce Girl Action Plan Pt III – How to avoid drowning in debt

First up, a confession. I only used that headline so I could use that picture. But Beyonce is full of good advice, which we shall get to later. Truth is, many of us stumble through life with a trail of debt.... Continue Reading →

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