Profile pic Belinda WhiteWelcome to Fierce Girl Finance.

It’s a place to help you take charge of your money.

This isn’t a boring lecture about numbers.
I won’t tell you what to do with your money.
I won’t try and sell you anything.

What I will do is demystify some of the finance stuff that makes you switch off and leave it until … later on.

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Because it turns out, you will never be rich if you don’t know what rich people know.

To be honest, you probably won’t ever be rich in a “Shall I wear the Louboutins or the Manolos” way. Few people are, and they’re mostly in debt.

But you could be comfortable, you could have the resources you need to make nice decisions like ‘holiday or home renovations?’.

I’m not here to help you spend money. Spending is not the point – it’s not what gives you security, opportunity or choices.

Spending – on clothes, booze, holidays and homewares – is a nice thing you do once you’ve done all the boring stuff like having:

  • A place to live
  • Savings for an emergency like getting sick, losing your job or being in an accident
  • Resources to get the fuck out of dodge if you’re shacked up with a useless man who is damaging to you and/or your kids
  • The ability to invest in your own skills, education or career
  • A sense of certainty and control over your fate


Belinda-White-Pay-Slay-All-Day-Amy-Piddington-18All these things sound great, right? Where do I sign up for this wonderful world?

Well, the sobering news is, you’re the only one that can make that happen. No man, not even your rich dad, will do it for you*.

The good news is, YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED to do this. You have a whip-smart brain (duh, you’re reading this). You have a phone with a calculator and access to a bunch of apps and the entire world wide web.

And you have a bunch of gal-pals to help you get excited about OWNING IT. Owning the world, that is, not a Coach handbag. Handbags come and go, but being a bad-ass ladyboss who knows about finance – that shit is FOREVER.

So before we get started with the hilariously entertaining yet educational content, let’s all agree on some Fierce Girl Principles.

*Rich dads are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But the older you get the worse you feel about sponging off them. And rich boyfriends or husbands are a danger, because you end up putting up with their shit because you’re addicted to their money. I’m not saying don’t date a rich man – just don’t let him support you – that’s your job.

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Fierce Girl FinanceRemember, this isn’t personal advice. It’s just a collection of ideas to help you think about money. If you want specific advice, tailored to your needs, please see a professional adviser. That’s what they are there for!