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February 2020

Fierce Girl Live: Just one week until our Sydney event

Sydney friends, have you bought your ticket yet? They're just $22 - bargain huh? That's what we're about here at Fierce Girl Finance. Here's the deal: we get together in a great venue in Pyrmont, drink wine, eat cheese, then... Continue Reading →

Do ONE thing to get ahead with your money

Here's the thing. Adulting is A LOT. A lot of tasks. A lot of responsibilities. A lot of items on the ‘live your best life’ self-improvement list. If watching Miss Americana taught me one thing (and look, it taught me... Continue Reading →

Do you ever do that in your work emails? Start the subject line with PLEASE READ? Nah, me either. Would never be that desperate. Of course. Who would even? Anyway, can I please take a few minutes of your time... Continue Reading →

My friend bought an apartment in New York and she’s here to help you save

Wanna know how I managed to spend three weeks swanning around New York City last year? I lived with my amazing friend Gigi, who is a legit Manhattan property owner.  Yep, that’s right, home girl saved her way to a... Continue Reading →

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