Why life is sometimes like making Ikea furniture

Oh hi there, and welcome to my latest post as I come out of a semi-regular writer’s block/impostor syndrome hiatus. If you don’t periodically question the point of everything you do and your ability to do it, are you even living? So it seems timely to talk to you about an article I read recently,… Continue Reading →

What’s up with the share market right now?

Talk about dramatic. Facebook’s share price had such a giant fall this week, it was worth like $300 billion less on Friday afternoon than it was on Friday morning. While it grabbed a lot of headlines, it was just the icing on a cake that has been cooking for weeks now, both in Australia and… Continue Reading →

2 Money Truths to take into 2022

One of my favourite writers, Neghar Fonooni, says of new year milestones: “Time is cosmic and … cannot be measured and shrunk down into carefully crafted calendars”. And I am totally here for this. I’ve had years that began delightfully and then turned … undelightful. And vice versa. So I try to avoid the temptation… Continue Reading →

Your end-of-year reminder about how amazing you are

That’s it. That’s the post. Ah ok, maybe it’s too brief, so let me explain. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a ladies’ lunch last week, and what a bunch of impressive ladies they were. Senior execs, start-up founders, coaches, an ex-politician – so much success and achievement crammed into one table. And… Continue Reading →


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