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October 2018

1 science truthbomb and 3 ways it will help you save money

Do you ever find that when you’re being ‘good’ with your diet, you’re really good in the morning. No muffins for me! Pretty good at lunch. I’ll take the sushi instead of the schnitzel thanks. And by 3pm? If I... Continue Reading →

Just some stuff about money you need to know but probably weren’t taught

Disclaimer: literally no connection to Channing or Ryan - I just wanted you to read this. I had a conversation at work today about a journalist failing to understand the difference between real estate ‘debt’ and ‘equity’ as asset classes.... Continue Reading →

Do you need a financial planner – or just a bit of planning?

I got a message from a friend recently, asking me if I could recommend a financial planner.  This friend, let's call her Gemma, is 27 years old, a few years out of uni and in PR - all of which... Continue Reading →

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