Fierce Girl Finance is a resource to help women take charge of their money. It’s not financial advice. I’m not selling you financial products. I’m not here to manage your money.

I’m here to make you think. To look at money as more than just something you spend – but as the way to give you choices and opportunities.

I won’t give you all the answers, or to tell you to ‘do this, not that’ with your money. I simply want you to make positive, conscious decisions about it. Basically, I want to help you make money your bitch.

You should speak to a professional financial adviser if you want to make serious decisions. I am like the lady at the David Jones cosmetics counter. I can give you general insights and information, but if you want wedding-day make-up, call in the professionals. You can find a financial planner here. (I also know an amazing wedding make-up artist if you need one).

Who is the Chief Fierce Girl?

Fierce Girl Finance

I’m Belinda White and I’m a girl just like you, who happens to work in finance.

I have an Arts degree, and am a book nerd. I also have a postgrad in Applied Finance degree, but it’s not my natural talent. Words are my thing.

Most of what I know, I’ve learned and earned the hard way. I’ve made good decisions and bad decisions with money. Fortunately, the good ones are winning out for now. I’m not what I would describe as ‘rich’. Totes not a baller. I drive a 15-year-old Mazda. I shop at Aldi.

However, I have property and investments behind me. I have a healthy super balance. And most importantly, I have the resources to live life on my own terms.

You see, that’s what money gives you: choices. Money isn’t about buying stuff, it’s about being able to control your environment.

So that’s what I want to do: help other women reshape their relationship to money, so that they can have the best choices and opportunities, all throughout their lives.

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