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October 2016

Hamlet explains: what is a F.U.F and why do you need one?

Sorry I've been a bit quiet, Fierce Girls. I have been in that particular hell they call 'moving home'. And not just moving, also setting up a new home. Buying whitegoods, picking internet providers, assembling Ikea furniture - the lot.... Continue Reading →

I saved some money. How do I invest it? (And WTF is an ETF?)

Let's assume you've been following the Fierce Girl principles, and now you have squirreled away a nice lump sum. Maybe it's $1000, maybe $5000 (you go girl!). Now you want to put it to work, as it's part of a long-term... Continue Reading →

Fierce Girl Finance is totally legit. Here’s the proof.

I was invited onto a podcast called Swings & Roundabouts, which is an investment-themed show created by BRR Media. These guys do a bunch of stuff for the finance industry, and have been around forever, so they are a totally legit crew.... Continue Reading →

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