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Perfection is overrated, and other tips from a fierce female founder

Corporate events are BACK baby, and I couldn't be happier. I'd like to think one of my skills in life is balancing a glass of bubbles and a canape in one hand, while conversing with interesting people about important things.... Continue Reading →

Why life is sometimes like making Ikea furniture

Oh hi there, and welcome to my latest post as I come out of a semi-regular writer's block/impostor syndrome hiatus. If you don't periodically question the point of everything you do and your ability to do it, are you even... Continue Reading →

What’s up with the share market right now?

Talk about dramatic. Facebook's share price had such a giant fall this week, it was worth like $300 billion less on Friday afternoon than it was on Friday morning. While it grabbed a lot of headlines, it was just the... Continue Reading →

2 Money Truths to take into 2022

One of my favourite writers, Neghar Fonooni, says of new year milestones: "Time is cosmic and ... cannot be measured and shrunk down into carefully crafted calendars". And I am totally here for this. I've had years that began delightfully... Continue Reading →

Your end-of-year reminder about how amazing you are

That's it. That's the post. Ah ok, maybe it's too brief, so let me explain. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a ladies' lunch last week, and what a bunch of impressive ladies they were. Senior execs, start-up... Continue Reading →

Three things I learnt about making life choices during a pandemic

Oh hey there Fierce Girls. Been a while, I know. Was having a low-key life review. I mean, who doesn't want to pull their life apart after three months in lockdown? On the upside, I got a puppy. Meet Dotty... Continue Reading →

Should you be worried about markets right now? Yes and No

It's that time in the cycle when we start getting a lot of negative headlines about share markets. October certainly has a bad rep for market wobbles - or massive tantrums, as the case may be. The crash that ushered... Continue Reading →

Why *not* caring about money is the real goal

OK, so a weird thing has been happening to me lately. I simply cannot think of anything to buy. Like, I got my tax return money and thought about spending 10% on something fun (as per my dad's rule). Couldn't... Continue Reading →

Four ways every woman needs to protect her money and her future

This week marked the first ever National Summit on Women’s Safety, with a keynote delivered by none other than that feminist warrior, Scott Morrison. It's hard not to be cynical about the reason for holding the summit, but I guess... Continue Reading →

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