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July 2016

Can I afford my own home? Part II

We discussed the pros, cons and Beyonce lyrics relevant to home ownership in Part I. So, you want to go ahead and buy your own little patch of paradise? (If by paradise you mean a modestly priced abode in an affordable... Continue Reading →

Can I afford my own home? Part I

We all have goals. Beach body by December (any year will do). A pair of red-soled Louboutins (paid for by someone else). Squat twice my own bodyweight. (Oh, is that just me?). And many of us want to buy property, and wonder... Continue Reading →

The doctor is in: how to get better at (not) spending

Don't lie to me. I know you spend money on shit. You had to get your nails done because you had a bad day, and why should your nails suffer too? You needed a new white top, to go with... Continue Reading →

Let’s never say these things again…

If we want to be fierce and capable bossladies, let's all agree on some disempowering (and frankly, pretty lame) things we are not going to say: Money? Yeah, I will sort that out one day, when I’m older. Sure, you may... Continue Reading →

Bindi & Mindy tell you what’s up

A quick chat about why the ladeez get turned off money. We also discuss flight socks and giggle a lot.

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