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September 2019

It’s Fierce Girl Finance’s birthday and I have some treasure to share

OMG you guys, can you believe I've been working on this thing for four years now? On one hand that makes me feel like a loser, because I'm still not a household name. Then on the other hand I remember... Continue Reading →

The ultimate ‘get started’ guide to investing (and stuff)

So, you've made the decision.  It's time to put on your serious-lady-suit (Romy and Michelle style) and get busy with money. Whether daunting, exciting - or both - you need to start somewhere. And that's where it can come undone. What... Continue Reading →

Fear, failure, shame: are there red flags in your relationship with money?

Money is never just money. Money is feelings. Money is fear or worry or failure or shame. It's hope or excitement or success or freedom. It's a currency that we use to communicate things. How much you spend on a... Continue Reading →

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