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August 2019

Should I move to a fixed rate homeloan? And other questions for a 1% world

There was a big to-do this week about fixed rate home loan rates falling below 3%. And sure, it's kind of a big deal. Consider, for example, that our parents were paying up to 20% for their (admittedly, very small)... Continue Reading →

Made to measure? Ready to wear? All about off-the-plan apartments

Last week I witnessed the glorious sight of 120 women drinking wine and listening to a seminar on getting started with investing. Girls Just Wanna Have Funds was a puntastic pleasure. I liked Molly‚Äôs description of investment being like the... Continue Reading →

What you need to know about money, explained by Taylor Swift songs

No tricks in that headline. Just legitimately good life advice from T Swift. Ok maybe you don't play TayTay every time you need a pick-me-up. (But I do) Maybe you don't judge your nieces for only liking her new stuff... Continue Reading →

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